Meckesheim Facility Update

As you may be aware, there was a fire at our facility in Meckesheim Germany. As we recover and rebuild we will be posting information about our progress on this page. Be sure to check back for updates to see how we will make Herbold better than ever.

First Wall of New Manufacturing and Assembly Building is Up!

8/6/2019 - While manufacturing and assembly work continues at an impressive pace at our remote facility, a new manufacturing and assembly building is starting to take shape at our main campus. 

When complete, this impressive structure will give us unmatched manufacturing capacity.



Parts Warehouse Nears Completion

8/6/2019 - With the major construction on the parts warehouse complete, crews begin the process of installing high-bay pallet rack. The new racking configuration allows for a more efficient use of space and allows for easier storage and retrieval of inventory.



Construction Moving at a Good Pace

5/22/2019 - As you can see by the pictures, the concrete pad site has been completed and steel is starting to go up as the rebuilding of our warehouse continues to move at a brisk pace.

Soon the walls be up and crews will begin installing mechanical systems. 

More updates to follow.

Remote Facility Performs Beyond Expectations

11/12/2018 - As clean-up and construction work proceeds at headquarters, management is delighted by operations at our remote facility.

Our vendors and suppliers have worked closely with us to rebuild our parts inventory allowing us to meet the demand for spare and replacement parts from customers around the globe.

Our assembly team is enjoying working in the new space. There is ample room to work on several machines at once. 

Parts Warehouse Demolition Complete - Site Pad Cleared

11/11/2018 - Just two short months after the devasting fire remarkable progress is being made at our Meckesheim Headquarters. With the damaged structure completely removed and the debris cleared away it's hard to imagine that this was once a fully stocked parts warehouse. 

Management is busy working with architects and engineers to plan a rebuild that will allow for improved space utililzation, create better inventory control and allow for easier access to parts.

It won't be long before the first steel beams are erected and construction gets into full swing. In fact, the image on the far right shows the entrance to the newly constructed paint shop.

Parts Warehouse Demolition Nearly Complete

Crews have been hard at work clearing the charred debris from the parts warehouse. The roof and walls have been removed too. The pictures below show the warehouse immediately after the fire (left), and in early November (right). Soon the remaining structural steel will be removed and the remaining debris hauled away.  At which point the the construction project will be ready to begin. 

The Cleanup and Rebuilding Effort Continues

Less than 2 months after the devastating fire that did extensive damage to the Herbold Parts Storage Warehouse, things are getting back to normal. It's definitely been a challenge, but the Herbold team has pulled together and worked tirelessly, in less than ideal conditions, to ensure that impact on our customers is minimal.

Machine assembly continues at our remote facility where we just took delivery of a shiny, new, environmentally friendly 15 ton electric forklift which will be used to load overseas shipping containers. As you can see by the picture on the right, the lift truck was definitely a necessity.

Herbold Remote Facility in Full Operation - First Machine Ships!

Just a few weeks after the terrible fire, Herbold's plan for getting back to normal is in full swing. Our remote facility (shown at right) is now fully equipped with production machinery and personnel. In just a couple of weeks we expect to announce that we are back at production levels that are equal to or exceed pre-fire levels.

Evidence of our progress can be seen in the picture of our first post-fire manufactured unit being loaded and shipped. The SML 60/100 SB Force Fed Granulator is now en-route to a grateful customer less than 3 weeks from the date of the fire.

We still expect a few speed bumps along the way, but are excited about the progress we've made and expect to make in the coming days and weeks.

Stay tuned for future updates.

The Rebuilding Effort Begins

9/19/2018 - With the fire out and the smoke cleared the damage to the Meckesheim plant is obvious. What is also obvious is how much of the plant was spared from damage due to the massive effort of local fire crews. What the pictures don't show is that Herbold management has been working closely with the insurance company and has already begun the process of rebuilding and getting things back to normal. We still expect some minor delays and inconvenience to our customers, but we believe that our efforts will keep them to a minimum.

Herbold Meckesheim facility suffers damaging fire – but will continue operations with minimal interruptions

9/10/18 - In the early morning hours of Monday, September 10, 2018, a major fire was reported at Herbold's warehouse in Meckesheim, Germany. The cause of the fire is yet undetermined, but what is known is that the local fire brigade along with help from surrounding communities - 150 firefighters in all - did heroic work to contain the fire and save the majority of the facility.

The most significant damage occurred in the Test Materials Storage and Parts Warehousing areas. The Administrative Offices, Main Assembly Area, Materials Test Facility and Equipment Showroom were all spared.

Fortunately, the company had recently expanded with the acquisition of an off-site warehouse with a significant amount of excess capacity. This location will be immediately converted for use as the new assembly area.

Herbold’s valued suppliers have committed to work with us to help us quickly rebuild our parts inventory and lessen any potential impacts of the fire.

In a joint statement, company owners Karlheinz and Werner Herbold expressed relief that no employees or emergency responders were injured and stressed that while this unfortunate incident will cause some unexpected inconvenience for customers they are committed to making every effort to ensure the company continues to deliver the high quality equipment and service they have long been known for.

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