HB Series Granulator

HB Series Granulator

Smithfield, RI — The new ram-fed HB Series Granulator from Herbold Meckesheim combines the best attributes of a shredder and a granulator for semi-automatic plastics recycling, efficiently reducing bulky items all the way down to particles 0.16 to 0.31 inches in diameter without any secondary size reduction.

The HB Series Granulator has a powerful rotor with double-cross cutting action, a heavy-duty hydraulic ram, and a large feed hopper that can handle whole bales, cut-open film rolls, mingled packs of sprue spiders, thick-walled purgings, carpet waste, pipes and profiles, post-consumer bottles, and whole containers/crates without the need for dosed feeding or the risk of jams in the cutting chamber.

Once the hopper is filled, the unit can be left unattended as the ram intermittently breaks pieces off the bottom of the load and pushes them into the cutting chamber. The particles produced are ready for further use. This one-machine size reduction also reduces electricity consumption and simplifies cleaning, color changes, material changes, and maintenance.

The HB Series Granulator, constructed of sturdy welded steel, is available in four models with two rotor diameters (23.6” and 31.5”), four working widths (39.4” to 63”), four drives (45 to 200 kW), and four throughput rates (0.5 to 6 tons per hour). The design of the cutting chamber allows easy access for cleaning. The placement of the rotor bearings on the outside of the unit keeps fines out of the bearings and grease out of the product. Different rotor types are available. If requested, an HB Series Granulator can be delivered as a turnkey package with ancillary equipment such as a suction unit and bag-filling station or a lifting/tilting device for automatic feeding.

Herbold Meckesheim USA, a subsidiary of Herbold Meckesheim Germany, designs, manufactures, and installs size-reduction equipment (shredders, granulators, etc.) and wash-line systems for the plastics industry, specializing in the recycling of industrial and post-consumer plastics. 

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