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Model MotorThroughput
HLR 90/140 61 - 74 HP 6600 - 9900 lbs/h
HLR 120/230 74 - 100 HP 9900 - 17600 lbs/hr


PVC Label Remover

The automatic label remover removes sleeve labels from plastic bottles prior to recycling drastically reducing rejected bottles as well as amount of hand sorting/removal required. The result is improved productivity and cleaner product entering the recycling stream.

Labels are separated using the friction between the rip-off elements on the rotor and the exchangeable steel pins. A characteristic feature is the design of the working chamber ensuring even loads and dwell times of the bottles. The chamber has no spaces where bottles might pass through the machine without undergoing full frictional contact, and likewise there are no surfaces to constrict the bottle flow reducing the possibility of damage to the bottle.

Once the bottles have passed the working chamber and left the machine, the labels and the removed contamination are separated with the help of the subsequent processing steps