SMS 60/100

The Herbold SMS 60/100 Disintegrator is large, heavy-duty disintegrator designed and built to destroy high volumes of top secret / classified documents quickly and easily. The cutting chamber incorporates 8 knives (5 rotor, 3 bed) to achieve an impressive throughput of 1,500 pounds per hour when equipped with a high security waste screen to meet NSA particle size requirements.

Key Features and Components:

  • Sturdy welded steel feed hopper with ribs for strength and rigidity.
  • Heavy-duty solid plastic flaps prevent material fly back.
  • Hinged two-piece welded steel upper and lower housing units
  • Two bed knives mounted to opposite sides of the dividing surface.
  • A third flat knife mounted to the deflection wedge and fitted as a single element in the upper housing.
  • Hand winch for easy access to cutting chamber
  • Heavy-duty open rotor with 5 knives
  • Double cross cutting action - the rotor and bed knives are mounted at inclined angles opposed to each other thus forming a true scissor cut for consistent cutting
  • Knives manufactured from high quality D2 chrome nickel tool steel.
  • Knife adjustment jig reduces downtime
  • Drop down screen cradle for easy front access
  • Flat welded steel base frame with anti-vibration pads
  • Oversized solid flywheel 
  • 75 kW (≈90 HP) three-phase motor


ModelNSA Rated ThroughtputCutting ChamberRotor DiameterRotor WidthRotor KnivesBed KnivesMotorScreen
SMS 60/100 1500 lbs. / Hour 23.6" x38.6" 23.6" 38.6" 5 x 2 3 x 1 125 HP High Security

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