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Examples of Throughput Capacities
Rigid PVC Approx. 800 micron 2200-3300 pounds/hour
HIPS Approx. 800 micron 1500-2400 pounds/hour
HDPE Approx. 800 micron 2200-3300 pounds/hour
PC Approx. 800 micron 1500-2200 pounds/hour
ABS Approx. 800 micron 500-1500 pounds/hour

PU Series Pulverizers with Horizontally Oriented Tooling

HERBOLD PU Series pulverizers are high-speed grinders designed to pulverize ground stock from profile, pipes, extruded products, film, pellets, rubber and a variety of other products.  The Herbold Pulverizer PU 650 has a vertically placed drive and horizontal grinding tools - the ideal pulverizer for applications that require high performance.

  • Solid and fracture-proof welded steel construction
  • Direct drive, no belt wear and tear, no additional transverse forces on the bearings
  • Bearing temperature protection - early detection of damage to the bearings / automatic shutoff
  • Each disc manufactured in one single piece, ensuring an exact grinding gap adjustment and smaller grinding gaps
  • Patented special discs for special applications
  • Easy change of tools due to the horizontal configuration of the grinding chamber
  • High throughput rates
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Discs with considerably higher re-sharpening volume, up to 20 regrinds possible
  • Can be equipped with motors from 75 to 110 kW