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 Diameter  In.


Stator Knife Rows

Stroke Length


  Hydraulic   Ram
Motor HP


EWS 45/120 18 20-60
(Variable Configuration)
2 (2x2 Knife Supports) Standard (51.2") 60-125 10  approx. 15,4000 
 EWS 45/160   18 30-80
(Variable Configuration) 
2 (3x2 Knife Supports)   Standard (59.1")  75-180  10  approx. 20,9000 

EWS 45 Series

Herbold EWS single-shaft shredders are ideal for high throughputs and difficult applications.

Shredder Design
• solid welded steel construction
• exchangeable grinding chamber
• hydraulic ram with anti-wear plates
• PLC with programmable ram action
• hydraulically operated drop-down screen cradle, easy screen change
• excellent access for maintenance, knife change, etc.

Drive System
• trouble-free drive via countershaft drive
• better efficiency compared to gear-box drives
• easy speed changes

Cutting System
• rotor drum with variable knife configuration in cartridges, easy to change
• adjustable stator knives
• rotor and stator knives made from extra wear-resistant materials
• oversized self-aligning roller bearings in pillow block housings, completely outside and separated from the grinding chamber
• optional water cooling available