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Model NumberFeed
SML 30/50 20 x 19 12 5,500 440-880 15-30
SML 30/80 20 x 31 12 7,040 550-1,430 20-50
SML 45/60 24 x 19 18 6,000 880-2,640 50-121
SML 45/100 24 x 38.5 18 8,360 1,100-3,080 30-101
SML 45/120 24 x 45 18 13,200 1,650-3,960 60-121
SML 60/100 29.5 x 38.5 24 10,120 1,540-3,520 30-121
SML 60/145 29.5 x 38.5 24 14,300 1,760-4,400 50-148


Herbold SML series general purpose granulators are robust and low-noise machines for general purpose applications. Compact, transportable, easy to clean. Perfect design for frequent color and material changes. They are suitable for processing all light, bulky or voluminous plastics scraps with thin or medium walls including; films, cans, barrels, car bumpers, thin-walled tubes, profiles, injection molding rejects, skeletal waste, thermoforming waste, foams and more.

Easy access to the cutting chamber - The centrally hinged, two-piece housing is divided at an inclined angle for easy access to the cutting chamber reducing maintenence downtime.

Double cross cutting action - The rotor and bed knives are mounted at the same but opposite angle and ensure a steady cutting gap across the full length of the knife. This cutting geometry lowers noise and reduces power requirements. The risk of jamming is also reduced and the quality of the regrind is improved due to fewer fines.

SML Granulators can also be used effectively as Wet Grinders - Due to the outboard bearings, the two-part housing and a modified discharge trough SML Granulators can be used as wet grinders. In one working cycle, contaminated plastic waste is ground and washed.