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Granulators and Shredders

Herbold manufactures a wide range of size reduction equipment including granulators and shredders for a variety of applications. From conventional Beside the Press Granulators to Inline Granulators to Long Pipe and Profile Granulators to Heavy Duty Central Granulators, we have a solution for every application.


Herbold SML series general purpose granulators are robust and low-noise machines for general purpose applications. Compact, transportable, easy to clean. Perfect design for frequent color and material changes. A very reasonable and varied size reduction program for standard applications.

SML-C Series Compact Line

Designed for applications where maximum noise reduction is important. They can be used as beside-the-press granulators next to blow and injection moulding machines, for in-line processing of film and thermoforming, as central granulators for the low-noise size reduction in the production area.

Heavy Duty - SMS Series Granulators

SMS Series granulators are heavy-duty knife granulators for tough applications. They feature a removable deflection wedge to accommodate a wide variety of applications and energy-efficient double-cross cutting action.  Adjustable rotor and bed knives provide constant cutting circle. Optimum access to the cutting chamber is also provided for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Model SMF Fine Grinders

HERBOLD SMF Series Fine Granulators are fast running units with a high cutting sequence for grinding all types of material. They can be configured with gravity feed or nip roll feed.

HGM/HOG Low Speed Shredders

The Herbold HGM SERIES-HOG shredder is a single-rotor size-reduction machine. It combines granulator and shredder technology leveraging the advantages of both designs in a single machines

HR Shredders

Herbold single-shaft shredders are real work-horses. Our innovative developments in size reduction technology are based on customer requirements.

Profile / Pipe Granulators SMP

Herbold SMP profile / pipe granulators have specially been developed to be able to feed long pipes, plates and profiles without cutting them into sections. They feature multi-knife rotors designed to automatically draw in the pipes and profiles after having entered them into the feed channel.

Heavy Pipe & Profile Granulators SMR

Herbold Series SMR heavy profile / pipe granulators with feed trough offer a special design for the size reduction of long and thick-walled pipes, start-up lumps, and bundles of profiles.

EWS 45 Series

Herbold EWS single-shaft shredders are ideal for high throughputs and difficult applications.

EWS-R Heavy Pipe/Profile

The EWS-R 85/90 is a Heavy Pipe/Extrusion shredder available single or twin drives, hydraulic ram, trough cover and 33" diameter rotor.