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Hot Wash System for PET

Herbold PET Hot Washing Lines transform highly contaminated PET bottles into high-quality grade material.
The process is simple:

  • Debaling and pre-washing step
  • Additional sorting and metal separation step
  • Wet size reduction and wet washing step

First Separation Step:

  • Separation of polyolefines and PET flakes
  • Hot washing step with ultra-filtrations to remove the glue from the washing water

Second Separation Step:

  • Hydrocyclone separation step - drying step with following size reduction to the wanted final granule size with a residual humidity of 1%

This processing step is supported by the sorting of the flakes in order to separate dust, fibers, paper and label rests.  The end product is a high-quality ground material that can be further treated and used for bottle to bottle applications, high-quality fibers and plastic strappings.  Herbold Meckesheims's washing line concept is based on a modular system and can be extended and adapted step by step to meet customers' demands or according to the materials to be treated.  Herbold washing lines have been designed for an input of up to 16,000 tons per year.  An additional second washing line has been developed for PE film waste.