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Recycling Technology from Herbold Meckesheim

Bottle-to-Bottle Flakes with FDA Approval in Honduras

The recycling company INVEMA ( commissioned a plant for the recycling of PET bottles in Honduras at the end of 2016 in order to produce bottle-to-bottle quality with FDA approval. In Honduras the collection rate of PET bottles amounts to 84 %. Today, 2000 tons of PET bottles per month are treated with the plant technology from Herbold Meckesheim, nevertheless, bottles have to be imported in order to use the plant to full capacity.

High regeneration quality

In a multi-stage process, the bottles are pre-sorted, size-reduced, washed cold and hot and after drying forwarded to a flake sorting step. After sorting, the PET bottles are size reduced with two Herbold granulators with a capacity of 1800 kg/h

The hot washing line for PET bottle flakes from Herbold Meckesheim guarantees a high regeneration quality at INVEMA. A secondary cleaning of the PO fraction is carried out in a hydrocyclone separation step. The plant was created in a second step for the treatment of the polyolefine fraction from the recycling process, i.e. the caps and labels of the bottles. A second expansion step is in preparation. Its aim is to produce Food Grade PET Pellets, produced from Herbold Washed Flakes.

. For any further information on Herbold washing plants >>

"Local Bottler is enthusiastic..."

After regranulation the end product is sold to a Major Beverage Brand. The owner of INVEMA, George Gatlin, states in an interview: “They are enthusiastic about the quality of the regranulate that we produce...” and how he, an ordinary bottle collector, founded INVEMA with 470 members of staff. INVEMA Story>>

Herbold Meckesheim is your specialist for granulators, shredders, pulverizers, plastcompactors (agglomerators) as well as for complete plants but also for single components for washing, separating and drying of contaminated plastics.

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