Stricker PolyRec agglomeration plant for engineering plastics waste

Stricker PolyRec agglomeration plant for engineering plastics waste

November 19, 2009

The newly founded Stricker PolyRec Company has recently launched a large-scale plant for size-reducing, agglomerating and refining engineering plastics waste.

Especially such materials that need a particularly inoffensive treatment such as PET, PA and PC films, nonwovens, filaments, fibres and other plastics can be recycled with this plant in an economic way and without any or with only the slightest thermal degradation or IV drop.

The end product is an agglomerate with excellent flow properties and a high bulk density, free from fines by sifting and screening. The granule size of the end product can vary according to the customer’s specification. (Fig. 1)

Stricker PolyRec opted for the plastcompactor concept developed by HERBOLD MECKESHEIM GmbH since it best met the high quality requirements. Due to the short residence time and the special slight sintering process preventing the material from melting, voluminous materials with poor flowing properties can be turned into a 100 % reusable resource.

One example among many is the treatment of PET bottles transformed into clean but badly flowing flat flakes after washing, separation and drying. With the help of the plastcompacting procedure used by Stricker PolyRec, these flakes are not only turned into a material with excellent flow properties, appropriate for a trouble-free gravimetrical dosing for film production lines. In one production step, PET is at the same time completely crystallized.

The heart core of the new plant at Stricker PolyRec is the HERBOLD-Plastcompactor HV 70 with a 250 kW main drive as well as a fully automatic system control in order to guarantee an unchanging quality.

HERBOLD Meckesheim GmbH designed, developed and delivered this turn-key plant. Special emphasis was given to a universal application of the machine and a quick material change due to an easy access for cleaning. (Fig. 2; Fig. 3)

Egbert Schmidt, the managing director of Stricker PolyRec, was quoted as saying:
"HERBOLD MECKESHEIM presented a convincing concept with a good price-performance ratio. In close cooperation with the manufacturer we succeeded in developing the optimal plant configuration, so we are well prepared for forthcoming recycling problems in accordance with market requirements.”

Agglomeration is also a toll service Stricker PolyRec offers to companies wishing to reuse their plastic waste for their own production.

Their staff is highly experienced in the agglomeration of all kinds of plastics. The company started their production with this new plant at Schwerte-Westhofen, near Dortmund, in October.

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